Pedal xe đạp Shimano Saint PD-GR500


Mô tả

Dòng pedal đa dụng của Shimano

Dùng cho cả xe địa hình, touring

Bề mặt rộng, độ bám cao với 9 đinh bám

Có thể điều chỉnh được độ cao của các đinh bám

Trọng lượng : 535g / cặp 

Customisable Pin Height

The GR500 pedals are an affordable option that can be used across many different disciplines of cycling. With pins that can be set to 3 different heights, you can custom tune your perfect feel and level of grip no matter where you're riding. Taking its shape from the popular Shimano Saint MX80 platform, the GR500 has 5mm longer pins (in the highest setting), providing better grip in harsh conditions.


  • Unique shape with concave platform for better control and efficiency
  • Extra-wide and especially low profile
  • 3 different pin height settings to match different styles of riding
  • Replaceable pins, screwed in from the back for easy maintenance
  • Extra strong axle

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